12\’\’ Indoor Outdoor Weather Thermometer, Garden Wall Thermometer for Patio, Wall Thermometer with Stainless Steel Enclosure, No Battery Needed Hanging Decorative Thermometer (Bronze)

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Indoor Outdoor Thermometer: 12 inch diameter round wall thermometer accurately measures temperature, range from -50 to 60℃, -60 to140F, both Celsius and Fahrenheit are available. Its stylish and refined shape makes it a perfect addition to any patio, room, or garden.
Durable Metal Construction: The decorative outdoor thermometer be made of sturdy metal enclosure structure, high strength, good corrosion resistance, so this garden thermometer for a long time without damage, even if you put it outside. With real glass lenses, which is easy to read the temperature value.
Easy to Read: The wall thermometer decorative snow and sun pattern on surface for reference. Large metal hand creates a sharp contrast with the white dial and black numbers to allow you to easily read the temperature, even from afar.
Calibrate Automatically: The 12 inch wall mounted thermometer will calibrate automatically. The outdoor thermometer gauge shows accurate temperature in any climatic conditions, at any temperature, and atmospheric pressure. just place it at a fixed location; after 2 hours, the pointer will match the local temperature automatically.
Wide Application: The large outdoor thermometer does not requre batteries, energy saving. Its stylish and refined shape makes it a perfect addition to any patio, at home, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc
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