AcuRite Atlas Professional Home Weather Station with WiFi HD Display, Lightning Detection, Barometer, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Gauge, Humidity Sensor, Rain Gauge, and Wind Speed/Direction (01001M)

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Real-Time Weather Conditions from Wireless Weather Station: With built-in thermometers, hygrometers, a barometer, and anemometers, receive indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity, wind speed/direction, UV, light intensity, barometric pressure, and rain totals
Get Weather Alerts Anywhere with My AcuRite: Simplify the mobile weather monitoring experience with a direct Wi-Fi signal to allow for remote monitoring on your smartphone or desktop — providing thermometers & weather instruments information on-the-go
Enhanced WiFi Weather Station Connectivity to Weather Underground: Easily connect to the Weather Underground community and share your weather forecast and unique weather data with more than 250,000 personal weather stations across the globe
High-Definition Display with Battery Backup: Easily view your weather information from any angle; plus, optional battery backup saves weather monitor data and settings in case of a power outage; Named best weather station display of 2023 by The Spruce
Forecasting Technology: Digital weather station with wireless outdoor sensor uses patented self-calibrating technology to combine elevation and atmospheric pressure to provide a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from current conditions
Lightning Detection: Always know when to move the party or patio furniture inside while getting prepared for potential thunderstorm activity with lightning strike detection from up to 25 miles away — also perfect as a RV weather station
Over 20 Data Points, Plus More Historical Records: This digital weather station provides over 20 data points, keeping you in the loop like only the best home weather station and weather monitoring system can
Simple Installation and Setup: Use the included mounting bracket and hardware to set up the outdoor weather station, and use the fold-out stand or integrated keyholes on the indoor weather station display for tabletop use or easy wall mounting
Company based in Lake Geneva, WI, USA, since 1943 and known for superior, long-lasting quality products and USA-based customer service
List Price: $294.00
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