Anemometer Handheld, CURCONSA Digital Wind Speed Meter, Air Flow Velocity Meter for Measuring Wind Speed, Air Volume and Wind Temperature, Wind Gauge CMF Meter for HVAC Duct Vents Shooting Drone Surfe

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【Multifunctional Anemometer】CURCONSA anemometer is a high-precision digital wind speed meter. The wind speed gauge can measure wind speed,air volume and air temperature. Multifunctional air flow velocity meter help you with HVAC installation, CFM calculation, duct vents.Air Flow in CFM (Q)= Air Outlet Cross Sectional Area(A)x Wind Speed(V)
【Accurate Anemometer】The anemometer can measure wind speed range 0.9-67.0mph (resolution 0.1mph), and the measurement temperature range is 32℉-122℉ (0℃~50℃). The high accuracy of the anemometer widely used in wind energy, fan manufacturing, ventilation engineering. CURCONSA wind speed meter is also a great companion for our outdoor trips such as:shooting,drone,windsurfing,fishing and hunting.
【Multi-Unit Conversion Anemometer】The anemometer can measure different wind speeds, such as maximum and current wind speed. Five wind speed units can be switched: m/s, MPH, FPM, KNT, KPH. You can clearly know the current wind level. Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees can be switched freely.
【Portable and Easy to Use】The portable anemometer is small and delicate in appearance, so you can carry it easily when you need wind detector. Optional automatic power-off mode, which automatically turns off after 10 minutes to save battery power. Air flow meter with backlight LCD display allows you to see clearly in the dark.
【After-sales Service】The product package includes anemometer*1, product manual*1, batteries*2. If you have any questions or suggestions about our anemometer, please let us know, we provide technical support and customer service. Thank you very much for your purchase, you will have good use of anemometer.
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