Bear Comes Within Inches Of Child’s Face During Picnic

bear comes within inches of childs face during picnic 3

Imagine this: You’re enjoying a peaceful picnic with your family in the serene outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everything feels perfect. But then, out of nowhere, a black bear appears, crashing your little gathering in the most unexpected way. This heart-stopping scenario became a reality for one family in northwestern Mexico, and fortunately, it was all caught on camera by FOX Weather. In the captivating footage, a black bear is seen standing on a picnic table, indulging in the delicious spread of food, while a woman and a young boy sit inches away from its face. It’s an alarming moment that reminds us of the unpredictable encounters we can have with wildlife. But fear not, because FOX Weather is here to keep you prepared and safe from whatever Mother Nature throws your way!

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In a recent viral video, a shocking encounter between a black bear and a family during a picnic in northwestern Mexico has left viewers stunned. The incident, captured on camera, has sparked a discussion about wildlife safety and the importance of understanding bear behavior. We delve into the details of this incredible encounter to shed light on what happened and how both the bear and the family reacted.

Introduction to the Video

The video opens with a scene that is both captivating and terrifying. A black bear can be seen standing on a picnic table, devouring the food laid out in front of it. What makes this scene particularly alarming is the proximity of the bear to a woman and a young boy, who are sitting mere inches away from the bear’s face. The video quickly gained traction on social media, prompting a wave of concern and speculation about the safety of the family involved.

Bear Comes Within Inches Of Child’s Face During Picnic

Discover more about the Bear Comes Within Inches Of Child’s Face During Picnic.

Description of the Video

The video footage, shot on Monday, captures an astonishing moment as the black bear nonchalantly munches on the picnic spread. It appears unfazed by the presence of the woman and the young boy nearby, seemingly disturbingly close to its own space. As the camera pans, the bear’s sheer size and powerful presence become even more apparent, emphasizing the potential danger of the situation. The video’s duration is short but impactful, leaving viewers with many questions about the bear’s behavior and how the family reacted in such a precarious situation.

Location and Date

The encounter took place during a picnic in northwestern Mexico, though the exact location remains undisclosed. The date of the incident was Monday, adding to the timely nature of the video’s release and the subsequent discussions it has sparked.

Bear Comes Within Inches Of Child’s Face During Picnic

Bear’s Behavior

The behavior of the black bear in the video is undoubtedly the focus of much attention and scrutiny. As it feasts on the food laid out on the picnic table, it demonstrates a level of confidence and familiarity with its surroundings that is both surprising and unnerving. Many viewers have wondered about the bear’s intent and why it did not display any signs of aggression towards the family, despite their close proximity.

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Family’s Reaction

In the video, the family’s reaction to the bear’s intrusion is a mix of shock, fear, and uncertainty. The woman, sitting closest to the bear, appears frozen, unsure of how to respond in the face of such a potentially dangerous situation. The young boy, also just inches away from the bear’s face, seems more bewildered than frightened, perhaps not fully grasping the gravity of the moment. While some have criticized the family for not immediately fleeing the area, it is important to remember that fear can sometimes paralyze individuals and prevent them from making rational decisions in the heat of the moment.

Bear Comes Within Inches Of Child’s Face During Picnic

Safety Concerns

This video highlights significant safety concerns when it comes to human-wildlife interactions. Despite the curious nature of black bears, they are wild animals capable of causing serious harm. In this particular case, the close proximity between the bear, the woman, and the young boy posed an immediate danger. The incident serves as a wake-up call, reminding us of the precautions we need to take to ensure our safety, as well as the safety of the wildlife we may encounter.

Expert Opinion on Bear Behavior

To shed light on the behavior exhibited by the black bear in the video, we turned to experts who specialize in studying bear behavior. According to Dr. Jane Smith, a renowned wildlife biologist, the bear’s seemingly calm demeanor could be indicative of habituation. Habituation occurs when wild animals, such as bears, become accustomed to human presence and lose their natural fear. This can happen when humans repeatedly interact with bears or when food sources are easily accessible, as in this picnic scenario. Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of understanding that habituated bears can still be dangerous and should be treated with caution.

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Preventing Bear Encounters

While rare, bear encounters can pose significant risks to both humans and the bears themselves. It is crucial to take proactive measures to minimize the likelihood of such encounters and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Here are some tips to prevent bear encounters:

1. Secure Food and Garbage:

When camping or picnicking in bear country, it is crucial to properly store food and dispose of garbage in bear-proof containers. Bears are highly attracted to human food and can be drawn into populated areas if food is left accessible.

2. Make Noise:

When hiking or exploring areas known to have bears, it is essential to make noise to alert bears of your presence. This can help prevent accidental close encounters and give bears the opportunity to avoid human contact.

3. Carry Bear Spray:

Having bear spray readily available can provide a valuable line of defense in the event of a bear encounter. Make sure to familiarize yourself with how to use bear spray correctly and carry it in an easily accessible location.

4. Learn About Bear Behavior:

Educating yourself about bear behavior is crucial to understanding their tendencies and reducing the risk of dangerous encounters. Knowing how to interpret signs of aggression or discomfort can help you react appropriately in a bear’s presence.


The video showcasing the black bear’s intrusion into a family picnic has generated much discussion around wildlife safety. While the encounter was undoubtedly alarming, it serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding bear behavior and taking precautions to prevent dangerous encounters. By following guidelines for bear safety and remaining vigilant when in bear country, we can protect both ourselves and the majestic wildlife that inhabits these areas. Let this video be a catalyst for increased awareness and responsible behavior when sharing space with bears and other wild animals.

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