GoveeLife Hygrometer Thermometer H5104, Bluetooth Room Temperature Monitor with APP Alert and 2 Years Date Storage Export, Remote LCD Digital Hygrometer Indoor Humidity Meter, Greenhouse, Humidor, RV

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More Accurate: The GoveeLife thermometer/hygrometer has a Swiss-made sensor that can accurately detect ±0.54°F temperature changes and ±3% RH humidity fluctuations, with refresh as fast as 2s. Supports manual calibration of temperature and humidity.
Smart Remote Monitoring: The wireless thermometer hygrometer supports up to 196ft Bluetooth range remote monitoring and temp humidity graphs, etc. If the temp humidity falls out of the range you set, you will receive a notification so you can react to changes in air quality.
Free Date Storage & Export: The room temperature monitor support online viewing of 20-day data graphs and export of data recorded over the past 2 years. Ideal for data analysis and tracking of greenhouses, wine cellars, reptile tanks, incubators etc.
Convenient Design: With the stand and hole, the hygrometer indoor humidity can be hung on the wall or placed anywhere. The LCD display shows the large digits, battery volume for clearer readout. The comfort levels (dry/comfort/wet) help you to take care of your family.
Auto-Reflect: You can connect the bluetooth thermo-hygrometer with other Govee/GoveeLife smart devices such as dehumidifier and tower fan via GoveeHome APP to automatically optimize the temperature and humidity levels. Makes your home more comfortable!
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