Hilary Becomes Major Hurricane, Concerns About Flooding Rise In Southern California, Southwest

hilary becomes major hurricane concerns about flooding rise in southern california southwest 2

Today, we have some major weather news to share with you. Hurricane Hilary has rapidly intensified, reaching major hurricane status with winds reaching 120 mph. This is causing concerns about potential flooding in Southern California and the Southwest. When we look at the current conditions, it’s truly impressive. The pressure has dropped significantly, and the storm shows no signs of slowing down. With warm waters and high moisture levels, there is a real potential for this system to continue to strengthen over the next couple of days. The impact could be significant, with flood alerts extending into areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, and even parts of Nevada and Utah. It’s important to stay informed and prepared, so make sure to download the FOX Weather app for alerts, live coverage, and storm tracking. Stay safe and stay weather aware!

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Hurricane Hilary reaches major hurricane status

Hurricane Hilary, with winds reaching up to 120 mph, has intensified into a major hurricane. This impressive strengthening poses a significant threat to millions of people in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula all the way through Southern California. The warm waters in the region have contributed to the strengthening of the hurricane, providing the energy it needs to grow and intensify. Hurricane Hilary’s well-defined eye and high cloud tops indicate its power and potential for destruction.

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Notably, Hurricane Hilary has lopsided hurricane-force winds, with the strongest winds concentrated on one side of the storm. This can create an asymmetrical impact, affecting certain areas more severely than others. Additionally, tropical storm-force winds are reaching the southern shores, further increasing the risk for coastal regions.

As the hurricane continues to develop, flood alerts have been issued for various areas along its projected path. The intense rainfall expected with Hurricane Hilary is a significant concern, as it could lead to widespread flooding. Major cities and rugged terrains are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of this storm, making it crucial for residents in these areas to stay informed and prepared.

Strengthening of Hurricane Hilary

The strengthening of Hurricane Hilary is evident in the drop in pressure, which has now reached 955 millibars. This decrease in pressure indicates a further intensification of the storm in the coming hours or days. Warmer waters in the region also play a role in the storm’s strengthening, as they provide the necessary fuel for hurricane development.

One key indicator of Hurricane Hilary’s strength is the high cloud tops observed in satellite imagery. These high cloud tops signify vertical development within the storm, indicating the potential for more severe weather conditions. While the entire hurricane presents a threat, the eastern side is of particular concern for Baja California, where the impacts are expected to be most significant.

In response to the escalating threat, a tropical storm warning and watch have been issued to residents in the affected areas. It is crucial for individuals to heed these warnings and make necessary preparations to ensure their safety.

Hilary Becomes Major Hurricane, Concerns About Flooding Rise In Southern California, Southwest

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Cone of Uncertainty

The cone of uncertainty is a graphical representation of the potential path that a hurricane may take. While the cone provides a general idea of the storm’s trajectory, it is essential to note that there is still significant uncertainty regarding the exact track the hurricane will follow.

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In the case of Hurricane Hilary, the cone of uncertainty shows a narrow margin in the longer range, indicating that the storm’s path becomes less predictable as time progresses. The steering pattern of the storm, influenced by various atmospheric factors, plays a crucial role in determining the hurricane’s eventual trajectory. The unique event of Hurricane Hilary impacting Reno adds to the uncertainty and requires extra vigilance from residents in the area.

Water impact and flood alerts remain a significant concern in the regions within the cone of uncertainty. It is not only coastal areas that face a risk of flooding; even inland communities can be affected. The impacts of Hurricane Hilary are expected to reach major cities and rugged terrains alike, making it crucial for residents in these areas to stay prepared and informed.

With the intensity of the storm and the potential for heavy rainfall, intense rain is expected to persist from Saturday through to the following week. It is essential for residents within the cone of uncertainty to closely monitor local weather updates and follow safety guidelines.

Concerns for Southern California and Southwest

As Hurricane Hilary progresses, flood alerts have been issued for various regions, including Tonopah, Ely, Ruby Mountains, Southern Georgia, and Southern Utah. These areas are particularly vulnerable to flooding due to their topography and proximity to potential storm impacts. It is crucial for residents in these regions to take immediate precautions to protect themselves and their property.

Major cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles are not exempt from the potential impacts of Hurricane Hilary. These densely populated areas face the risk of flooding, strong winds, and other severe weather conditions associated with the storm. Coastal regions may also experience heightened surf conditions and possible storm surge. It is paramount for residents of these cities to stay informed and follow any evacuation orders or safety guidelines issued by local authorities.

In addition to the threats faced by urban areas, the intense rain associated with Hurricane Hilary poses a significant risk to the central valleys of Southern California. The combination of heavy rainfall and the region’s geography can lead to flash flooding and mudslides. Residents should remain vigilant and take precautions to ensure their safety throughout the storm’s duration.

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The rugged terrain and mountainous areas of Southern California and the Southwest are particularly susceptible to the impacts of Hurricane Hilary. These regions may experience intensified rainfall, leading to increased risk of landslides and flash flooding. It is crucial for residents in these areas to be prepared and follow local authorities’ instructions to mitigate the potential dangers.

Hilary Becomes Major Hurricane, Concerns About Flooding Rise In Southern California, Southwest

Safety resources with FOX Weather

To stay safe and prepared throughout Hurricane Hilary, it is essential to utilize reliable weather resources. FOX Weather offers a range of features on its app that can help individuals monitor updates and receive critical alerts regarding dangerous weather conditions. The FOX Weather app provides real-time information and 24/7 live coverage, ensuring that users have access to the latest developments regarding the storm.

One key feature of the FOX Weather app is the ability to track storms using 3D mobile radar. This allows users to visualize the storm’s movement and better understand its potential impact on their specific location. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users.

Additionally, FOX Weather can be accessed on various TV platforms, providing individuals with the option to receive updates and live coverage from the comfort of their homes. By utilizing these resources, individuals can stay informed and make informed decisions regarding their safety.


As Hurricane Hilary continues to strengthen and pose a significant threat to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula through Southern California, it is crucial for residents in the affected areas to stay safe and prepared. Monitoring updates and alerts from reliable sources, such as FOX Weather, is essential in ensuring that individuals have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the storm.

By following safety guidelines and taking necessary precautions, residents can mitigate the potential risks associated with Hurricane Hilary. It is important to remain vigilant and stay informed throughout the storm’s duration. The safety of individuals and their communities should always be the top priority in the face of such severe weather events.

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