HOBYLUBY 13\” Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Sun Wall-Mounted Thermometer with Humidity, Easy to Read Decorative Outside Thermometer for Patio, Garden, No Require Batteries

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Temperature & Humidity: The outdoor thermometer movement uses a special copper plate with high sensitivity to sense slight temperature changes and does not require batteries. In addition, a wall thermometer can also detect humidity. The 2-in-1 temperature and humidity function not only detects changes in the living environment and makes the necessary adjustments, but also detects and records the temperature and humidity required for optimal plant growth.
Decorative Outdoor Thermometer: Compared with most other thermometers, the unique shape is characteristic of the outdoor thermometer. The change in the living environment can also change the mood. Having a beautiful indoor outdoor thermometer can decorate the room and make people have a good mood.
Easy to Read: The dial of the outside thermometer has a clearly visible acrylic lens, plus a combination of white background and bold black font, making it easier to read. The dial measurement range is -40°F~140°F/-40°C~60°C. F° and C° do not need to be switched, so it is intuitive and easy to read, which is very convenient.
Excellent Gift Choice: The unique outdoor thermometer for the patio, the elderly read effortlessly, placed in the bedroom and baby room to detect the temperature is also very environmentally safe. Not only that, but it also decorates the room nicely and makes a statement. Such a practical thermometer, as a gift to friends and relatives, will be a very thoughtful gift.
Warm Tips: The outdoor thermometers for patio are affected by geography, there will be errors, need 1-2 hours of induction, and it will automatically calibrate; if you do not want to wait too long, you can manually adjust the button behind the thermometer calibration. If there are other problems, please contact us through Amazon, we provide you with quality after-sales service.
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