how to prepare for a hurricane


1. Make sure you have a plan: Develop an evacuation plan that includes when and where to go, how to contact family members, what supplies you need, and how to secure your home.

2. Know the risks: Become aware of the potential dangers associated with hurricanes, such as flooding, high winds, and tornadoes.

3. Stock up on supplies: Gather quantities of non-perishable food items and potable water for at least three days in case of an emergency. Store them in waterproof containers. Buy battery-powered flashlights, radios and extra batteries. Have a first-aid kit on hand that includes prescription drugs and other special needs items. Fill gas tanks on vehicles.

4. Prepare your home: Move outside furniture inside or tie it down; bring in or cover any outdoor decorations; trim or remove any weak or dead trees; add storm shutters to windows; board up windows with plywood if necessary; reinforce garage doors; keep gutters free from debris; elevate appliances off lower floors during flooding events; store important documents in a waterproof container; unplug all appliances and turn off utilities if necessary before evacuating.

5. Monitor updates: Monitor local news and weather reports regularly for updates about the track of the storm so you know when it’s time to leave or take other precautionary measures as needed

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