Idalia could become hurricane at any time

idalia could become hurricane at any time

Idalia, the tropical storm, is expected to rapidly strengthen and potentially become a hurricane in the next day or so. Forecasters predict that it could even develop into a major hurricane by late Tuesday or Tuesday night. The FOX 35 Storm Team will be providing daily hurricane updates throughout the season, with more frequent updates if necessary. The storm’s path is currently projected to make landfall along the Big Bend region of Florida, potentially impacting areas such as Levy County and Dixie County with significant storm surge. While the storm’s track may appear to be farther west, central Florida is still likely to experience impacts, including power outages and damage. Prepare for the storm’s arrival on Tuesday night and anticipate its effects to last into Wednesday.

As the tropical storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, it is expected to undergo rapid intensification and transform into a major hurricane within the next 48 hours. The National Hurricane Center warns that this storm carries the potential for significant impacts, including widespread power outages and property damage. While the latest computer models suggest that the storm will continue on a westward track, it is important to note that these projections only represent the center of circulation. Central Florida is still likely to experience the effects of this powerful storm, with gusty winds, scattered power outages, and prolonged heavy rainfall. Stay informed with future radar updates and stay prepared for the storm’s arrival.

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Current status of Idalia

Idalia as a tropical storm

As of the latest update, Idalia is currently classified as a tropical storm. It has maintained this status since late Monday, with maximum sustained winds at 70 mph. This means that the storm is still gaining strength, but has not yet reached hurricane status.

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Maximum sustained winds

The maximum sustained winds of Idalia are currently at 70 mph. These winds indicate the strength of the storm and its potential for further intensification.

Movement and direction

Idalia is currently moving to the north at a speed of 8 mph. This movement and direction are important in predicting the future path of the storm and its potential impact on specific areas.

Predictions for Idalia

Rapid strengthening

Rapid strengthening is predicted for Idalia over the next day or so. This means that the storm has the potential to significantly increase in intensity and become more dangerous. It is crucial for residents and authorities to stay updated on the latest developments and follow any evacuation orders or safety protocols.

Potential to become a hurricane

Idalia has the potential to become a hurricane at any time. With the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico fueling its intensity, the storm is expected to reach hurricane status in the near future.

Forecast for becoming a major hurricane

The forecast for Idalia predicts that it will become a major hurricane by late Tuesday or Tuesday night. This means that the storm will intensify even further and pose a significant threat to coastal areas.

Timeline for major hurricane status

The timeline for Idalia to reach major hurricane status is within the next 24 to 48 hours. Residents and authorities should be prepared for the potential impacts of a major hurricane and take appropriate precautions.

FOX 35 Storm Team updates

Daily tropical weather forecast

The FOX 35 Storm Team provides a daily tropical weather forecast during hurricane season. By staying tuned to their updates, residents can stay informed about the latest developments with Idalia and other tropical storms or hurricanes in the area.

Frequency of hurricane updates

The FOX 35 Storm Team issues a new hurricane update each day, and more frequent updates are provided when necessary. This ensures that residents have the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions regarding their safety and preparations.

Subscription to FOX 35 News

To stay connected with the latest news and updates from the FOX 35 Storm Team, residents can subscribe to FOX 35 News. This will allow them to receive important notifications and stay informed about any changes in the forecast.

Latest information on Idalia’s track

Track consistency

The latest information on Idalia’s track indicates that it has remained consistent with previous forecasts. This consistency allows meteorologists to make more accurate predictions about the storm’s path and potential impacts.

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Expectation of rapid strengthening

Based on the latest data, meteorologists expect Idalia to undergo rapid strengthening. This means that the storm will significantly increase in intensity, potentially becoming a major hurricane.

Landfall predictions

Current predictions indicate that Idalia will make landfall on Wednesday morning. The most likely areas for landfall are the Big Bend region, specifically Dixie County or Levy County. However, there is also a possibility of a southern approach, which could result in higher impacts to Tampa Bay.

Possible impact on various locations

Given the projected path of Idalia, various locations in central Florida are expected to experience impacts from the storm. This includes widespread power outages and damage, particularly in fishing villages where infrastructure may be less modernized. In cities like Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Palm Bay, there may be scattered power outages and wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. The duration of the storm is expected to last for much of the day on Wednesday.

Potential storm surge

Expected storm surge in Tampa Bay

If Idalia takes a southern approach, there is a potential for storm surge in Tampa Bay. Water forced up into the bay, combined with the intensity of the storm, could result in a storm surge of up to seven feet.

Projected storm surge for Levy and Dixie counties

For Levy and Dixie counties, which are likely to be in the path of Idalia’s landfall, there is a projected storm surge of up to 11 or 12 feet. This significant surge poses a threat to coastal communities in these areas.

Specific impact on Horseshoe Beach and Cedar Key

For viewers in Horseshoe Beach and Cedar Key, the storm surge could be particularly severe. With the possibility of a storm surge reaching up to 11 or 12 feet, residents in these areas should take the necessary precautions to protect their lives and property.

Projected impacts of Idalia

Widespread power outages and damage

Idalia’s projected impacts include widespread power outages and damage. This is especially likely in areas where the storm makes landfall as a major hurricane. Residents should prepare for the potential of long-term power outages and take necessary measures to ensure their safety.

Long-term power outages in fishing villages

Fishing villages and areas with less modernized infrastructure may experience long-term power outages as a result of Idalia’s landfall. The major hurricane status of the storm increases the likelihood of significant damage to power lines and infrastructure.

Scattered power outages in cities like Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Palm Bay

Cities such as Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Palm Bay may experience scattered power outages as a result of Idalia’s impact. These outages can occur due to fallen branches or trees, as well as strong wind gusts exceeding 60 miles per hour.

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Possible wind gusts over 60 miles per hour

Residents in affected areas should be prepared for possible wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. These strong winds can cause damage to structures, trees, and power lines, posing a risk to the safety of residents.

Duration of the storm

Idalia is expected to bring prolonged impacts, with the storm kicking in late Tuesday night and continuing into the day on Wednesday. Residents should prepare for a prolonged period of severe weather conditions and plan accordingly.

Overview of the storm’s path

Western track of the storm

Despite its track appearing to be far to the west, Idalia’s impacts are expected to be felt across central Florida. The western track refers to the center of circulation, but the storm’s effects can extend much farther than the center.

Expected impacts in central Florida

Central Florida is expected to experience impacts from Idalia, with the severity dependent on the exact track of the storm. Residents in this region should make necessary preparations and stay updated on the latest forecasts to ensure their safety.

Satellite observations

Storm position near Cuba

Based on satellite observations, the storm’s position is currently near the tip of Cuba. This information helps meteorologists track the storm’s movement and predict its future path.

Blossoming of thunderstorms

Satellite imagery shows a blossoming of thunderstorms within Idalia, indicating a certain strengthening of the storm. This intensification is expected to continue as the storm enters the Gulf of Mexico and approaches Florida.

Anticipated rapid intensification in the Gulf of Mexico

Meteorologists anticipate rapid intensification of Idalia as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. The warm waters in the Gulf provide the necessary fuel for the storm to strengthen further and potentially reach major hurricane status.

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Future radar predictions

Timing of the storm bands in central Florida

Future radar predictions will provide more specific information on the timing of the storm bands in central Florida. This information will allow residents and authorities to better prepare for the arrival and potential impacts of Idalia.


Idalia presents a significant threat to coastal areas of Florida, with the potential to become a major hurricane. Rapid strengthening is expected, and residents should closely monitor the latest updates and take appropriate precautions. The FOX 35 Storm Team provides daily updates, and residents can subscribe to FOX 35 News for the latest information. With the projected impacts of widespread power outages, damage, and possible storm surge, it is crucial for residents to take this storm seriously and prioritize their safety.

We have been monitoring Idalia as a tropical storm since late Monday. The maximum sustained winds are currently at 70 mph, with a northward movement at 8 mph. We predict that Idalia will rapidly strengthen within the next day or so. At any moment, it could become a hurricane, and the forecast suggests it will reach major hurricane status by late Tuesday or Tuesday night.

Stay updated on the tropical weather forecast throughout the hurricane season by following the FOX 35 Storm Team. We provide daily hurricane updates, and more frequent updates as necessary.

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