Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

los angeles is now in the forecast path of hilary 4

Los Angeles is now in the forecast path of Hilary, as it remains a tropical storm in the latest advisory. With the potential for rapid intensification over the next 36 hours, Hilary is expected to become a hurricane tomorrow, and possibly even a major hurricane by the end of the week. The focus for Los Angeles will be the heavy rain that is likely to accompany the storm, with the possibility of flash flooding in areas with already high rainfall potential. As we keep you informed about this developing situation, we encourage you to stay safe by following the updates from FOX Weather, downloading the FOX Weather app for alerts and live coverage, and taking necessary precautions. Remember, we’re here to weather it together!

The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center indicates that Hilary is on track to affect not only Los Angeles but also San Diego and other parts of the Southwest region. While the wind intensity may decrease as the storm approaches Southern California, there is still a concern for heavy rain and the potential for flash flooding in areas with exposed terrain. Keep an eye on the rainfall forecast and remember to stay updated through FOX Weather’s YouTube page and other streaming platforms. Let’s weather it together and prioritize safety as Hilary approaches.

Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

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As we closely track the progress of Tropical Storm Hilary, we have received the latest update from the National Hurricane Center that has placed Los Angeles in the forecast path of this storm. This development has prompted us to delve deeper into the potential impacts and concerns for not just Los Angeles, but for all of Southern California. Stay with us as we break down the key factors and forecasted effects of Hilary’s path.

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The New Path

According to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, there have been some important updates regarding the path of Hilary. While there has been no change in its intensity yet, forecast models suggest that it may intensify in the coming days. The timeline for it to become a hurricane is expected to fall within the next few days, and there is even a possibility that it may develop into a major hurricane by the end of the work week. This new path of Hilary calls for heightened attention and preparedness, particularly for regions like Southern California.

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Factors Affecting Intensity

In understanding the potential intensity of Hilary, we must consider various factors that can contribute to its development. One significant factor is wind shear, which refers to the difference in wind speed and direction at different altitudes. Strong wind shear can disrupt the storm’s structure and hinder its intensification. Additionally, the cool sea surface temperatures in Southern California may act as a limiting factor for Hilary’s growth, as tropical systems typically thrive in warm waters. These factors, combined with other meteorological conditions, will ultimately influence the intensity of Hilary as it progresses along its forecasted path.

Inclusion of Los Angeles in the Cone

The inclusion of Los Angeles in the forecast path of Hilary holds substantial significance. This means that millions of Americans residing in the greater Los Angeles area need to remain vigilant and stay informed about the potential impacts of this storm. Comparing the forecast paths of Hilary with other major cities in Southern California, such as San Diego, reveals the gravity of the situation. It underscores the need for preparedness measures, such as securing loose objects and staying updated with evacuation orders, in order to mitigate the potential risks associated with Hilary’s path.

Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

Impact on Southern California

While Hilary may not have a significant impact on wind speeds in Southern California, it is important to be aware of the potential effects it could have on rainfall. Heavy rainfall is expected to be the primary concern for this region. Given the already fragile state of California’s water infrastructure, the excessive rainfall from Hilary has the potential to exacerbate existing issues. The increased risk of flash flooding in vulnerable areas cannot be ignored. As we delve into the specifics, it is crucial to note that certain areas within Southern California are at a higher risk of being impacted by Hilary’s rainfall.

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Corridor of Heavy Rain

The geographical regions that are expected to experience heavy rainfall due to Hilary form what can be referred to as a “corridor of heavy rain.” This corridor stretches across Southern California. Specifically, areas surrounding Los Angeles and neighboring counties are at a higher risk of encountering substantial amounts of precipitation. The potential for flash flooding within this corridor cannot be dismissed. Forecast models indicate a considerable increase in rainfall between Saturday and Wednesday, which highlights the importance of monitoring the latest updates and being prepared for rapidly changing conditions. However, it is worth noting that Hilary is predicted to weaken as it approaches California, which helps mitigate the risk of excessive rainfall.

Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

Flash Flooding Concerns

When discussing the potential impacts of Hilary in California, it is crucial to address the concern of flash flooding. Flash flooding occurs when intense rainfall overwhelms the capacity of rivers, drainage systems, and urban areas to handle the influx of water. California, with its varied terrain and susceptibility to droughts, is particularly vulnerable to flash flooding. Areas located near hillsides, riverbanks, and urban areas with inadequate drainage are at a higher risk. It is essential for residents to understand the dangers associated with flash flooding and to be mindful of their surroundings during heavy rainfall events.

Rain Forecast

Considering the forecasted path and intensity of Hilary, the rainfall expectations for Los Angeles are significant. Several inches of rain are predicted to fall within a relatively short timeframe. Such a substantial amount of precipitation can lead to localized flooding, muddy conditions, and potential disruptions to daily life. It is important to stay informed about any updates to the rain forecast and to heed any warnings or advisories issued by local authorities. Preparedness measures, such as having an emergency kit and being aware of evacuation routes, should be taken into consideration to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents in affected areas.

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Los Angeles Is Now In The Forecast Path Of Hilary

Temperature Forecast

In addition to the rainfall forecast, it is worth considering the potential impact of Hilary on temperatures in Southern California. With the presence of a tropical storm, cloud cover and increased humidity can lead to cooler temperatures during the day. This can provide a welcome respite for California residents who are accustomed to scorching summer heat. However, it is imperative to note that these cooler temperatures are coupled with the risk of heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding. Balancing the benefits of cooler weather with the need for caution during extreme weather events is a key aspect of navigating this challenging situation.


In summary, the forecast path of Hilary has raised concerns for millions of Americans residing in Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles. While there has been no change in intensity yet, the potential for Hilary to become a hurricane and even a major hurricane looms. Factors such as wind shear and cooler sea surface temperatures may influence the storm’s intensity. The inclusion of Los Angeles in the forecast path highlights the need for increased preparedness and awareness. The impact on Southern California is expected to be predominantly in the form of heavy rainfall, with flash flooding being a primary concern. The corridor of heavy rain, spanning across the region, poses risks to vulnerable areas. Understanding the potential dangers of flash flooding and staying updated with the rainfall forecast are essential. As Hilary weakens upon reaching California, the risk of excessive rainfall diminishes, but it is still important to remain vigilant. By staying informed, preparing accordingly, and prioritizing safety, we can effectively navigate the potential impacts of Hilary’s forecasted path. Remember to subscribe to FOX Weather for the latest updates and information to ensure your safety and well-being. Stay safe, Southern California!

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