Outdoor Thermometers for Patio-Outdoor Thermometer – Patio Thermometer Wall Thermometer Sunflower Enclosure for Patio, Wall or Decorative, No Battery Required Hanging Thermometer

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Indoor Outdoor Thermometers:18-inch diameter round wall thermometer measure temperatures accurately to accommodate all climates and provide both celsius and fahrenheit temperatures. Range from -40°C to 60 °C and from -40F to 140F for monitoring weather conditions.
Durable Materials :Sunflower outdoor thermometer are made of a sturdy metal housing structure that is strong and does not easy to rust, so even if you leave them outside, outdoor thermometer garden can be used for a long time without damage.
Easy to Read: Wall thermometer are decorated with fine patterns on the surface. The large metal hands contrast sharply with the white dial and black numbers, and the exclusive glass lens makes hanging thermometer easy to read temperature values from a long distance.
Automatic Calibration: Outdoor thermometers can show accurate temperature in any climate, at any temperature and atmospheric pressure. The error of the thermometer of 1 to 3 degrees centigrade is the normal range. Please don’t put the outdoor thermometer under direct sunlight and avoid getting wet from the rain.
Excellent Customer Service: Large outdoor thermometer does not need battery, energy saving. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems, we must give you a satisfied answer.
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