Protmex Wind Speed Meter, 6 Wind Speed Units Selection Anemometer with Large LCD Screen, Wind Speed Temperature Humidity Measuring, MAX/MIN/AVG, Data Hold, ℃/℉, Backlight, Auto-Off Functions CFM Meter

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ANEMOMETER HANDHELD WITH 2.26\” BACKLIT SCREEN: The Protmex anemometer with large 2.26\” LCD display for easy reading, which can meet the needs of a wide range of consumers. This wind gauge outdoor is perfect for outdoor activities such as drone flying, golf, kite flying, Frisbee, windsurfing, shooting, and more. Use it to determine weather conditions and assess the potential impact of wind speed on your activities
PROFESSIONAL ACCURATE ANEMOMETER: Protmex HT605 wind speed measuring device with 2 temperature sensors and 8 vanes, which makes the wind meter very sensitive to measure very low air flows that can accurately measure air speed in 6 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, ft/s, mile/h
AFFORDABLE 3-IN-1 HT605 ANEMOMETER HUMIDITY METER: The wind speed meter for measuring wind speed range 0.5~30 m/s(+/- 2% of readings); Wind temperature -20~60℃, -4℉-140℉(+/-0.2℃,32.56℉); Wind humidity 20%-80% RH(+/-0.2%RH). Please note that it may take at least 30 minutes for the temperature and humidity sensors to adjust to the new environment
MULTIFUNCTIONAL HANDHELD ANEMOMETER: The Protmex portable anemometers have the functions of reading holding, maximum/minimum/average value, with large-screen LCD and backlight, auto-off, multi-unit switching, and other functions
PROTMEX 24/7 SUPPORT: We provide 12 monthly quality guarantee. The Protmex support team is able to respond to your questions and requests within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to consult for help
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