Solar Powered Wireless Professional Weather Station, Wireless Thermometer with Color Touch Screen, Can Provide Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature

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This wireless indoor outdoor thermometer has a professional rainfall detection module, which can accurately monitor real-time rainfall changes. Accumulation of the rainfall amount can let you know the total amount of rainwater in each time period .
When DC power adapter is connected, back light is on permanently. When only battery operated, back light is turned on only when button is pressed and auto time out is 15s.
This home weather station is not only a wireless atomic clock with indoor and outdoor thermometers, but also a wind monitor. It can accurately record the current wind speed and direction.
This digital thermometer can predict the weather in the next based on the monitoring data of the outdoor weather meter, allowing you to make plans in advance and not be affected by sudden bad weather Your travel.
18.7×11.5×1.9cm large color screen can display rich weather information for you, including weather forecast, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure index, rainfall data, wind speed and wind direction, the max&min temperature date and time, etc.
List Price: $341.73
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