Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape, 1.2IN x 33FT, Clear Window Draft Isolation Sealing Film Tape for Door Draft Stopper Adhesive Tape, Doors Windows and Shower Glass Gaps

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[Sealing Tape Includes]: 1Roll 1.2IN x 33FT Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape.
[Multi-purpose tape]: Weather stripping door seal strip for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel windows and aluminum windows, closet door, threshold, cupboards, wardrobes, shower bottom, bedroom & bathroom.
[Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape]: Residue-free window film tape adhesive will not damage surfaces and will not leave a residue nor lift the paint off from your windows upon removal on Spring time.
[Sealing Tape]: Waterproof winter window sealer plastic tape’s mess free adhesive is easy to install EMPOWERING the AVERAGE homeowner with LITTLE to NO EXPERIENCE in DIY repair to produce PROFESSIONAL-GRADE sealing on windows and rooms. This draft seal tape also prevents smog, dust and warm air from entering between the gaps on your windows or air-conditioning units.
[Clear Window Draft Isolation Sealing Film Tape]: Ensure that surface is clean, dry, free of grease, oil or other contaminants before applying tape. It will not be crinkled and curled on itself, easier working and save your time!
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