Tropical Storm Idalia: Parts of Central Florida under hurricane warning, tropical storm warning

tropical storm idalia parts of central florida under hurricane warning tropical storm warning

Tropical Storm Idalia is currently posing a threat to parts of Central Florida as it is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. With every county in Central Florida under an advisory, it is crucial for residents to stay informed about the latest developments. Chief Meteorologist Tony Mainolfi and First Warning Meteorologist Cam Tran provide a detailed analysis of the storm’s progression, highlighting the potential for a category one hurricane within the next nine hours. As the storm approaches, there will be strong winds and the risk of tornadoes, particularly in the eastern portions of the storm. Power outages are also a concern, with the likelihood of widespread outages in various counties. It is important for residents to be prepared and stay tuned for county-specific impacts and updates. Stay safe and be well-informed as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches Central Florida.

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Tropical Storm Idalia

Parts of Central Florida under hurricane warning, tropical storm warning

Greetings everyone! We are here to provide you with the latest updates on Tropical Storm Idalia, which is expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it moves closer to Florida. Currently, every county in Central Florida is under an advisory, so it’s important to stay informed and prepared. In this article, we will cover the current conditions, the projected path and landfall, warnings issued, potential impacts, the tornado threat, wind strength, power outages, and county-specific impacts. Let’s dive in!

Current Conditions

As of the latest data, the pressure of Tropical Storm Idalia is dropping to 979 millibars. Historically speaking, this pressure is good enough for hurricanes, indicating the potential for the storm to intensify. The thunderstorms are organizing and strengthening, raising the possibility of Idalia becoming a category one hurricane.

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Path and Landfall

Tropical Storm Idalia is currently moving towards the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico. The projected landfall is expected to occur in the Nature Coast and Big Bend area. It’s essential to monitor the storm’s progress and follow official updates to stay informed about any changes in the projected path.


Currently, there are hurricane warnings in Western Marion and Sumter County. Additionally, there is a potential for an upgrade of hurricane watches. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for Sanford and Downtown Orlando. Please pay close attention to these warnings and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety.


While the cone of the storm may be shrinking, it’s important to remember that the impacts of the storm are not diminishing. Strong winds can occur outside the cone as well. There is also a risk of tornadoes and squally weather associated with Idalia. The most significant threat is expected overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday. This storm system will have numerous local impacts in Central Florida, so make sure to stay updated and take necessary precautions.

Tornado Threat

The eastern portions of the storm, referred to as the “dirty side,” tend to pose a higher threat for tornadoes. However, tracking these tornadoes can be challenging due to them being rain-wrapped. While they tend to be short-lived, they have the potential to be severe. Stay vigilant and heed any tornado warnings or watches issued in your area.

Wind Strength

Western Marion and far western Sumter counties are likely to experience hurricane force winds. Along the I-4 corridor and to the east, tropical storm strength winds are expected. These winds can be damaging and may lead to power outages. Ensure that you are prepared for these conditions and secure any loose objects around your property.

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Power Outages

Widespread power outages are expected in northwestern counties due to the strong winds associated with Tropical Storm Idalia. There is also a possibility of power outages in the Orlando metropolitan area. Specifically, Flagler, Lake, and Sumter counties are at a higher risk of experiencing power outages. Have a power outage plan in place and gather any necessary supplies to ride out the storm.

County by County Impacts

For more detailed information on the impacts specific to your county, please refer to the upcoming section. It’s important to know the potential effects of the storm in your area to make informed decisions regarding your safety and well-being.

We hope that this comprehensive article has provided you with valuable information about Tropical Storm Idalia and its potential impact on Central Florida. Remember to stay updated with reliable sources, follow any evacuation orders or recommendations, and prioritize your safety. Stay safe, Central Florida!

Tropical Storm Idalia has led to the issuance of a hurricane warning and tropical storm warning for certain areas in Central Florida. As we continue to track the storm’s path, it is important for us to stay informed and prepared for any potential impacts. For more updates and coverage on this developing situation, subscribe to WESH on YouTube. Additionally, you can stay updated by visiting our website and following us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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