WYZworks Foldable Storage Box Tote w/Wheels Moving Friendly Transparent 5 Door 95L Stackable for Clothing, Shoe Closet, Snack Pantry, Garage, Dorm, Quick Collapsible Organizing Bin With Lid Blue

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5-Door Access: One top opening and four side panels for all around access. With its transparent panels, quickly and easily find what you’re looking for inside. Even while stacked, it can still be opened from either of its four side doors, so you’re never out of reach of what you need
Stackable/Foldable – With built in grooves at the top of each box, securely lock them into place, creating more floor space or fold it down and store it away anywhere convenient in a snap
Multi-Use – Store away anything and everything, whether it be your assortment of snacks and goodies, outdoor camping gear or vinyl collection, keep it safe and neatly organized. Perfect for arranging spaces in the kitchen, office or car trunk
Mobility – With 4 detachable wheels allowing the box to slide side to side. Boxes can still be moved even when stacked with multiple crates. Two side handles allow for easy transporting
Specs – Unfolded dimensions: 26.4″L x 18.5″W x 14.6″H | Folded dimensions: 26.4″L x 18.5″W x 2.8”H | Liters: 95L | Material: PP[item_details]
List Price: $59.99
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